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The Arborist Smyrna professionals at Arbor Solutions are dedicated to the health and care of trees in your yard. Arborists, as a whole, work with arboriculture which is the scientific study of the cultivation, management, and use of forest trees for wood products or other purposes. The practice also includes identifying any pests or diseases that may affect them and developing strategies to prevent damage from those factors. Arborists can be certified by studying and completing an accredited degree program in this field (typically 4-5 years).



Sustainable, Professionally Trained Arborists in the Smyrna

What is an arborist, and what do they do?

Arborists are people who have chosen to specialize in the care of trees. Arborists perform many different tasks, but they all involve caring for or treating trees and maintaining them properly. Arborist professionals can be found working at universities, public parks, on private property, and anywhere else that there are large numbers of trees that need proper care.

Smyrna has several arborist companies with highly trained experts ready to help you with your tree needs throughout Smyrna.

An Arborist is a professional who cares for trees and other plants. They do everything from planting to pruning, fertilizing, removing deadwood or diseased branches, treating diseases with chemicals, and monitoring the health of their clients’ plant life. Arborists usually work in teams as part of larger landscaping companies, but some might have their businesses. There are no formal educational requirements necessary to become an Arborist because most Arborists learn on the job by working under experienced professionals over the years before branching out on their own.

In addition, many trade schools offer certificate programs in Arboriculture- the science of caring for trees and shrubs so those looking for quick training without having experience can attend classes and seek Arborist certification.


Why hire a professional arborist

When you own a home, it is essential to care for the trees on your property. Arborists will help with different types of tree services and can assist in maintaining their health through proper trimming or removal. You may wonder why hiring an arborist would be necessary if the process seems simple enough – but there are several reasons that a professional should always work at caring for your yard’s greenery:

  • Arborists know how to assess risk properly – Do you worry about whether or not those high branches might fall? An Arborist knows which limbs pose the most significant threat as well as how much weight they hold so that homeowners do not have to live in fear when they start blowing hard! They will determine how much trimming is needed and when it’s time for tree removal.
  • Arborists have the equipment necessary – This does not mean “chainsaws,” as many homeowners assume! Arborists know which tools are best suited for different trees and their various issues, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with an ineffective or dangerous solution.
  • Arborists offer accurate estimates – If your yard seems like a jungle because the branches just keep growing back after being cut down, well, that’s because they probably were never removed in the first place! Arborists use advanced technology (such as drones) to gauge precisely what needs to be done without guesswork.


How to find a professional arborist in Smyrna

Arborists are professionals who work with trees – whether that is planting them, taking care of them, or cutting them down. Arborists in Smyrna can help you take the proper measures to maintain your tree and keep it healthy for years to come.

  • Call up a few local landscaping companies. Ask if they have any recommendations or referrals for professional Arborists in Smyrna.
  • Search online by Googling “ Arborists Smyrna” and looking through profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media platforms. This should give you some good initial leads and testimonials from previous clients about their satisfaction with those Arborists.
  • If someone you know has recently had Arborists in Smyrna, come to their home, ask for a referral. This is often the best way to find Arborists in Smyrna.

Once you’ve decided which professional Arborist(s) are suitable for your projects, it may be time to get started! Once you have found some Arborist options that seem like they would be suitable matches based on location and affordability, contact them via phone or email (whichever seems more convenient) and set up an appointment for an initial consultation. At this meeting, Arborists will determine your needs and discuss the process of care with you so that everyone involved knows what is expected moving forward! If trees need removal, Arborists will do that for you. If they need to be pruned, Arborists in Smyrna can handle that.


The benefits of hiring a professional arborist in Smyrna include:

  • Arborists can assess tree damage and determine the best course of action to take.
  • Arborists provide ongoing care for trees after they’re planted, which is critical in Smyrna due to the region’s climate conditions.
  • Arborists offer a wide range of services such as planting and transplanting new trees, fertilizing existing plants, pest control management, and insect removal from your property. They may also help you find plantings that are more suitable for these regions with our arborist knowledge of local flora.
  • Arborists offer various services beyond tree planting or removal, which means they can do more than just one task for you.
  • Arborist companies are insured, so it will be covered if anything happens while working on your property.
  • Arborists can be certified to work in your area. They have advanced knowledge and skills when it comes to tree care and maintenance.
  • The arborist will do a complete inspection of the trees on your property, which could save you from having an accident because of poor conditions found during the inspection process.
  • Arborists can recommend treatments for any diseased or dying trees that need immediate attention before they cause problems like damaged sidewalks or other structures around them. This is important if there has been recent construction due to damage caused by potential hazards. These can pose safety risks, especially if children live nearby; however, hiring someone who specializes in this field makes sure our clients’ needs are met.
  • Arborists are experienced in correctly diagnosing problems with trees so that they can be adequately treated. This ensures continued healthy growth and protection from further damage by nature’s elements. Arborists will also inform you of any necessary steps to take after the treatment is complete, such as follow-up visits or specialized pruning equipment.



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