Tree Cabling Smyrna

Do you have a tree in your backyard that is needing some extra structural support? If this sounds like you then our tree cabling service is the perfect fit for you. Our team Tree Service Smyrna has been offering this service to the people in the Smyrna, GA area for many years.

We have only had good reviews about this service from our clients and hope to keep this record going for our future clients that we offer this service to. We hope to hear from you soon to take care of your tree cabling needs.

What is Tree Cabling?

Just like many other people out there, you may be wondering what tree cabling is. Well, that’s why we are here, to simplify it all for you. To explain it simply for you, it is a cable that is installed into one limb of the tree and runs into another limb of a tree.

The cable is there to reduce stress and movement on weak points of the tree and also helps to reduce the risk of failure. So when you can see an obvious weak point on the tree in your backyard, give us a call to help make your tree strong again.


If you think that there are pros to tree cabling, you’d be right. Tree cabling can help to decrease the likelihood of structural failure of your tree. This makes the whole tree safer. Tree cabling can also extend the longevity of your tree.

This service also strengthens the structural weakness that your tree may have. Another good thing about our tree cabling is that we can hide your cables is such a way that they are not easily seen. We hope that you choose us when it comes to helping your trees’ structural strength and increasing the longevity of your trees.

When is it Needed?

You may think that a tree wouldn’t need any extra help when it comes to keeping sturdy and solid. As trees get older they can sometimes need a helping hand as their limbs and branches become too heavy for the trunk to hold and that’s where the cabling comes in to help.

Trees that have two trunks that grow away from each other making V shape or U shape making a split, create a weak spot for the tree. This is a clear sign that your tree needs some tree cabling.


So you’ve noticed that your tree is extremely old and it’s not able to keep itself up as it used to and you need to do some cabling to help it. You may think that you’d be able to do it yourself, but you should always get a professional to do the job for you.

Our arborists can come in and take care of the problem for you. If the cabling of your tree is not done properly, the tree can become strangled and lose the flow of its nutrients. This is why you should not do it yourself and rather get our professionals in.