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Are your trees in your yard starting to look a little overgrown? All that’s needed is a call to All In Tree Service of Smyrna and we will take care of your overgrown trees and make ensure that they look well-kept and are up to your standards.

Our tree trimming specialists are professionals in their trade and have been in this industry for many years, so they know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to trimming your trees. Contact our customer care team for more information about this service.

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Pruning vs Trimming

Some people are not too sure about the difference between pruning and trimming, so they end up assuming that they are the same but they aren’t. Pruning a tree is the removal of loose, dead, or infected branches and or stems from the tree or trees you are working on. Trimming a tree on the other hand is the act of actually cutting back overgrown plants. These two different techniques of taking care of your trees, also require different types of equipment and are also needed at different times. They are both healthy for your trees as well as add an aesthetic appearance.

Why is it important?

Trimming your tree isn’t an unnecessary expense or something that is done just for the sake of it. There are important reasons why tree trimming is done. The first one being the appearance of your tree. This is done to help balance and shape the tree. Another reason it is important is that it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. Trimming your trees also promotes overall tree health by creating a healthier tree structure. Lastly, there is property safety. Dead limbs can fall easily in strong winds or severe storms. These are the reasons why regular tree trimming is necessary.


The tools that are needed for trimming trees can be dangerous, which is why some of the most important tools you need are safety tools. These safety tools are safety goggles, gloves, and even something as simple as a long-sleeved shirt or jacket. Then there are tools such as pruning loppers, which make moving around cramped spaces easier. There are even high powered tools needed, such as a chainsaw. This makes the actual cutting of branches or trunks a whole lot easier and faster. The simplest tool that is required is a wagon, this makes helps with moving all the bits that have been cut off when the job is finished.


Everyone has their little tips when it comes to trimming trees. These tips aren’t always helpful when you aren’t sure what you’re doing when trimming a tree. The first tip we give our clients when they are wanting to trim their trees is to be sure about the amount they are wanting to trim off their tree, as once the tree is trimmed you can’t stick what has been trimmed off back on. Only weak branches should be trimmed. Young branches are easier to be trimmed as they are a lot weaker.

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